Nokia Software Updater for Retail

Nokia Software Updater for Retail 4.3

Restores the original firmware of Nokia phones
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Deletes everything that you installed or saved on your phone and reinstalls the firmware originally present on the device. Useful for bricked Nokia mobiles.

If you believe your phone is bricked (not booting, spinning gears for many hours etc) and you cant get to a Nokia Care service centre, there is now a way for you to reflash your handset at home. This is via Nokia’s new “Nokia Software Updater for Retail” which will restore your firmware while at the same time of course also delete all your personal data.
Readers should be warned that soft-resetting (instructions here) is usually the answer that works, and if not hard resetting (the same plus with the addition of the camera button) usually does the trick also.
If however all else fails MyNokiaBlog has a handy guide here for using the Nokia Software Updater app. Of course using the software can void your warranty, and readers use it at their own risk.

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